Get Android BSP For Intel® Atom™

As a registered member with Insyde Software, you will be able to:

  • Download the latest Android BSP (board support package) for the Intel Atom Bay Trail, Cherry Hill and Cherry Trail CRBs
  • Use InsydeH2O® BIOS to boot your CRB
  • Locally build the Android BSP for Intel Atom by getting the source code from Insyde, or patch onto your existing Google AOSP project
  • Start Android-on-x86 development and begin building & optimizing your own apps
  • Work with Insyde's trusted Android integration & engineering team for design consultation and specialized engineering services for your upcoming product

The latest download packages for Intel platforms are listed below, and can be downloaded by all registered and logged-in users of this site. To learn more about downloading the BSP source code, please login and follow the provided instructions.