Executive Management

Jeremy Wang, Chairman & CEO

Founder. Responsible for establishing corporate goals, defining key strategies and for overseeing management to ensure success of the company’s worldwide business.

Jonathan Joseph, Chief Operating Officer

Founder. Oversees the setting of company goals, implements strategic business directions, and manages major company functions. GM of the company’s server and embedded business group and President of Insyde Software’s U.S. subsidiary.

Aven Chuang, President

Leads key company functions including sales, engineering and customer satisfaction as well as being responsible for managing worldwide sales functions. Also serves as the GM of the company's worldwide sales.

Corporate Management

Jeff Bobzin, Vice President, Software Architecture
Drives the company’s product architecture and software design directions. Liaison to numerous standards bodies and serves as Secretary on the UEFI Forum Board of Directors.

Lawrence Chiu, Vice President of Engineering
Manages the BIOS Kernel development as well as the PC BIOS group’s chipset and OEM engineering teams.

Kevin Davis, Vice President of Engineering, Core Development
Oversees the company’s new platform BIOS product development.

Stephen Gentile, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Business Development
Responsible for planning and execution of the company's marketing plans and strategic accounts management.

James Hsu, Vice President & General Manager of Personal Computing Business Group
Responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the company's PC business group.

Melody Hsu, Assistant Vice President, Finance
Responsible for worldwide corporate accounting, treasury and finance functions.

Tim Lewis, CTO
Sets the company’s technical vision and leads the technical development. Assists in driving product innovation and through industry outreach, establishes key technical partnerships in support of the company’s strategic goals.

Subsidiary Company Management

Dave Falcucci, Senior Director of Sales
Leads the sales team for North America and Europe.

Dawn Fan, Vice President of Finance
Responsible for Finance and Administration of company’s US and China subsidiaries.

Mohamad Saleh, Vice President of Engineering
Leads the US-based Data Center and Embedded BIOS engineering teams for customers in America and Europe.