Industry Testimonials

"The right collaboration between the Insyde Software PSIRT team and BINARLY helped to reduce the disclosure timeline from the usual 6-8 months to less than 90 days before the official public disclosure date."
Alex Matrosov, Founder and CEO of Binarly

“InsydeH2O and Supervyse provided us substantive benefits in the development of our latest rugged server products. Insyde’s platform readiness, support for the latest industry standards and security features, and customizable nature of their firmware are all aspects that we continue to appreciate and deploy.”
Nate Young, Director of Engineering at Trenton Systems

"Memory Failure Prediction is a core technology that every datacenter and cloud service provider should utilize to reduce total cost of ownership and improve system uptime. Insyde Software’s ability to seamlessly integrate MFP into their InsydeH2O BIOS and Supervyse BMC firmware makes them a valuable ecosystem partner in addressing this critical challenge.”
Jeff Klaus, General Manager, Data Center Management Solutions Group at Intel

“Insyde Software’s solid support for the next-generation Intel Xeon platforms has been critical in the development of our latest server products. Their proven leadership in UEFI and firmware technology for servers, combined with their reliable codebase and excellent engineering support makes them one of our most trusted suppliers."
John Hu, Vice President at Inspur

“We are happy to have Insyde Software support the Redfish standard. As demonstrations from DMTF member companies are a testament to the public availability and true interoperability of the standard, we applaud Insyde Software for showcasing its demonstration at this year's Intel Developer Forum."
Jeff Hilland, president of the DMTF

"Thunderbolt 3 is the latest in a long line of new technologies that we’ve relied on Insyde Software to enable on our platforms. Insyde is a longstanding and trusted firmware provider to Acer."
Wason Shyu, AVP at Acer Taiwan R&D Center

“Having Insyde Software’s support to enable Thunderbolt 3 allows us to further differentiate the advanced capabilities of our CELSIUS H760 Mobile Workstation. We appreciate Insyde’s timely support for this latest technology”
Hisaki Kondo, VP at Fujitsu Client Computing Ltd.

“We are thrilled to continue to have Insyde’s support for our new 6th generation BMC solutions. Our mutual customers can rely on the quality of our joint solution as well as the world-class engineering software support services Insyde has always provided to their customers.”
Chris Lin, President, ASPEED Technology

“Partnering with Insyde Software brings numerous and valuable benefits to our customers. Their deep knowledge of system internals, industry-leading UEFI firmware and top-notch engineering support teams make them an ideal partner for this strategic initiative.”
Casey Pankonien, President, KingTiger Technology, Inc.

"Insyde’s unique UEFI and Android-on-x86 expertise provides a valuable resource and increased opportunity for product differentiation to our embedded customers."
Mike Carboni, Director, Software Development, Product Enabling & Development for the IoT Solutions Group, Intel Corporation

“Insyde Software continues to play an important role in the growth of our server business. Their proven leadership in UEFI BIOS for servers along with their differentiated integration of iMS™ Intelligent Memory Surveillance solution are valuable assets that we can rely on.”
John Hu, Vice President at Inspur

"Insyde Software had been a very good partner for us and we are happy to once again be working with them on Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 v2 high-end server system. Their UEFI firmware helps us achieve the high degree of reliability, scalability, and performance for which Inspur servers are known."
Leijun Hu, CTO of Inspur Server

"We are pleased to work with Insyde Software on solutions for Intel Bay Trail based platforms and expect to see innovative mobile solutions from OEMs based on what Insyde can deliver."
Stephen L Smith, Vice President & Director of Tablet Development
Intel Corporation

"This embedded NVR on x86 is an exciting development for us. The range of BIOS and UEFI solutions from Insyde Software will most definitely accelerate our customer's development on HD surveillance and high-capacity storage needs."
Xuefeng Qian, Director of Hikvision

“Insyde Software’s participation in this onsite BIOS development collaboration will help facilitate the integration of Intel technologies and reference code into Insyde’s server BIOS products. Ultimately, it’s our OEM customers that will benefit with advanced product readiness, improved product efficiencies and faster time to market for these critical platform components.”
Dylan Larson, Xeon Platform Marketing Director, Intel Datacenter and Connected Systems Group, Intel Corporation

"As one of our most trusted suppliers, Insyde Software has separated itself in the market by providing unmatched engineering services. Insyde has emerged as a key UEFI firmware provider for the server markets and we look forward to working with them to deliver advanced server platforms to our global customers."
Mark Liao, Senior Director for EBG Software Development Div. at Wistron Corp.

“Insyde Software is a key member of our ecosystem. Their expertise in UEFI BIOS and a proven track-record of helping OEMs put new products into production is certainly something ICBD can take advantage of.”
Greg Miller, Director of Software Development, Intel Client Boards Division, Intel Corporation

"We are proud to have Insyde Software as one of our key partners in helping us deliver next generation Windows 8 mobile platforms. The InsydeH2O UEFI BIOS and Insyde’s first-class engineering support services have improved Lenovo's readiness for this important operating system milestone."
Jeremy Yuan, Executive Director, IdeaPad Development, Lenovo.

"Insyde Software's advanced UEFI BIOS for server systems met our unique and critical requirements for this innovative "Datacenter-in-a-box" design. We are thrilled to have Insyde Software as a part of this highly collaborative effort that included Emerson Network Power, Inforce Computers, One Stop Systems and others."
Phil Hughes, CEO of Clustered Systems

“Insyde Software's support of the AMD Embedded G-Series APU family with their InsydeH2O UEFI BIOS is a strong boost to our ecosystem…”
Richard Jaenicke, director, Product Marketing, AMD

"We value Insyde's partnership in helping us ship this generation of Intel mobile platforms on-time and under budget…”
David Lee, AVP of Mobile Computing BU at Acer

“The range of BIOS and UEFI solutions from Insyde Software will most definitely accelerate our customer's development on new hardware…”
Stuart Parker, Managing Director of SDC Systems

“Through support from Insyde Software, we are pleased to see that the shipment of our notebook computers, which are based on InsydeH2O and the Intel Platform Innovation Framework for EFI, goes very well…”
James Hwang, President for MiTAC Technology Corporation

“With InsydeH2O®, we are positioned to provide the most advanced notebook designs to our worldwide customers."
Jeff Lee, Chief Function Mobile B.G, Wistron

“PC consumers demand faster boot times, and the combined insight of SanDisk, Insyde Software and Microsoft is helping to develop innovative solutions that improve the user experience.”
Doron Myersdorf, Senior Director and Marketing Manager, SSD, SanDisk.

“Plain and simple, Insyde Software is a company that’s very easy to do business with.”
Jamey Dobbins, Engineering Manager, Eurotech North America

“Working with Insyde, we’ve been able to reduce our BIOS development times significantly. The Insyde technical support staff  is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to customer satisfaction.”
Tom Brown, Engineering Manager, ADI Engineering, Inc.

“With less than four seconds boot time, early access to chipset reference code and updates, combined with personalized support, choosing InsydeH2O is the obvious answer.”
Alan Baldus, Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing, Product Marketing Manager

"The proliferation of mobile devices and applications demands new features and capabilities. Insyde Software is uniquely positioned to provide the software building blocks that will help hardware makers bring these innovative, new products to market."
Keith Larson, Vice President and Managing Director, manufacturing sector and Taiwan and Korea regions, Intel Capital.

Insyde's Events

"Insyde Software did a wonderful job of bringing together the local PC computing community with a highly qualified and professional line-up of industry speakers and topics. We all look forward to Insyde's 10-in-10 computing conference next year."
Richard Chang, Vice President, Compal

"Thank you to Insyde Software for providing a real benefit to our engineers and the entire ODM computing community in general."
Ken Kan, Vice President of Customer Group at Compal.

"The 10-in-10 Conference was outstanding. The panel of speakers were some of the industry's leading experts and the topics were diverse, interesting and very relevant for the OEM and ODM audience that attended."
Jason Cheng, President & CEO at Pegatron Corporation

Insyde's Awards

  • Became the first independent firmware vendor to receive Arm SystemReady SR certification for NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper and Grace CPU Superchip Platforms in October 2023
  • Received Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion awards in 2010, 2011 and 2012
  • Received Deloitte AP Technology Fast 500 awards in 2010
  • Received「Gold Certified Partner」by Microsoft in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016
  • Received “Technologyr Innovation Award” in 2016 LCFC Supplier Conference
  • The system program of “公車達人 Application” received “ The Best Popularity” in 2010 Golden Penguin Award by Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA(IDB )and Taipei Computer Association (2010 Technology Fast 500)