Internal Audit

The Auditing Office is an independent that reports directly to the Board of Directors and responsible for the inspection and evaluation of internal control in order to reinforce business performance.

The Auditing Office is organized with one designated chief auditor. The auditors must be in compliance with the qualification of the Financial Supervisory Commission and attend internal audit courses every year continuously. The roster of internal auditors must be filed on the Market Observation Post System by the end of January every year.

Insyde Software has the “Insyde Internal Control System” and “Insyde Internal Audit Enforcement Rules” stipulated in accordance with the “Regulations for the establishment of internal control system by public companies” published by the Financial Supervisory Commission for the reference of an internal audit. The Auditing Office is to have an auditing plan stipulated annually for inspecting and evaluating the performance of internal control and to propose suggestions for improvement in order to have the internal control system enforced effectively and continuously. The Auditing Office is to have the inspection report of each department within the organization reviewed annually and has it presented along with the aforementioned internal audit result and improvement for the reference of the Board of Directors and President in evaluating the effectiveness of the internal control system and issuing a Declaration of Internal Control. The said Declaration of Internal Control has been published in the annual reports, stock prospectus, and prospectus accordingly. The annual internal auditing plan, enforcement of the auditing plans, nonconformity of the internal control system, and the corrective actions have been published on the Market Observation Post system accordingly.