Insyde® Software Announces ARM UEFI Training Program

ARM Supports Insyde in Development of Courses on UEFI Firmware

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - October 28, 2011 - Insyde Software, a leading provider of Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) firmware, today announced the formation of a new training program aimed at firmware and software engineers that are developing ARM processor-based computing or communications devices which will take advantage of the benefits of UEFI, including its standards-based boot and security features. 

With support from ARM, Insyde Software has developed a 4-day, comprehensive training curriculum that includes among many modules; an overview of UEFI architecture, UEFI device driver models, ARM platform initialization techniques, UEFI SCT (self-certification test) qualification, platform porting exercises, and ARM platform debugging techniques. 

Insyde Software will provide this instructor-led training program on a regularly scheduled basis at Insyde’s headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan or upon request, at a customer’s facility.   The on-site training allows Insyde Software to customize the material to closely align with the customer’s specific training needs or to provide assistance with an ongoing project.

“Having trained hundreds of engineers on UEFI technology over the past 7 years, Insyde has a unique advantage in providing a UEFI on ARM training program,” said Aven Chuang, Senior Vice President and GM, Personal Computer Business for Insyde Software.  ”We are pleased to be working with ARM to develop the program and we anticipate a strong demand for this type of education.”

“The continued proliferation of ARM processors into computing and communications devices will rapidly increase the adoption of ARM processor-based UEFI firmware, so it is critical that the industry has quality training programs like this to ensure its success,” said Roy Chen, Director of Client Computing, ARM. “Insyde Software’s broad expertise in UEFI technology and ARM’s expertise in embedded devices is a very powerful combination.”  

“The instant-on function is critical to extending the mobile computing experience into more traditional use cases, as users have come to expect a universal smartphone-like experience on all computing devices. UEFI firmware integration on the OMAP™ platform helps meet that expectation,” said Deepu Talla, general manager, OMAP mobile computing, wireless business unit, TI. “We applaud Insyde Software for bringing valuable ARM-based UEFI training to the software and firmware engineering communities.” 

About Insyde Software
Insyde Software ( is a leading global provider of BIOS, UEFI-based firmware and engineering services for companies in the mobile, server, desktop and embedded computing industries. The company is publicly held (GTSM: 6231) and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with U.S. headquarters in Westborough, MA.  The company’s customers include the world’s leading computer systems designers and manufacturers.

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