[b]Humanos®[/b] – the future is open.

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Humanos is an instant-on software environment developed for notebooks and netbooks running Microsoft Windows, and is currently optimized for use with Google’s latest Android and Chromium open-source mobile operating systems. Humanos utilizes Insyde Software’s Quick-to-Launch UEFI Software, giving mobile PC users immediate access to an expanding set of mobile applications through the instantly available operating environment.Many of today’s open source operating systems provide mobile platforms the opportunity to integrate lots of new functionality within a very small footprint. Humanos from Insyde Software addresses the increasing demand for these open source operating systems by implementing them as secondary instant-on software environments to Windows based platforms or as standalone “app ready” user-friendly environments. This solution provides easy integration and great performance through Insyde Software’s UEFI Instant-On technology, and brings additional value to the platform.Additionally, platforms featuring Humanos can access Insyde Market, the world’s first Android applications market for netbook computers. Insyde Market features a growing list of Android applications optimized for the mobile PCs, which provides a continual source of added value for users and platform manufacturers that choose to include Humanos.With Humanos, you’ll get:

  • Easy integration for an instant-on, secondary operating system
  • Google® Android™ and Chromium™ support
  • Full-featured Web Browser
  • Input-Method Editor
  • Worldwide Update support to send users O/S and software updates
  • Insyde Market Support