InsydeH2O® for Servers


  • Trusted & reliable firmware solutions for entry level to blades, storage, enterprise, HPC and datacenter
  • Support for the latest advanced technologies and standards including PFR, IPMI, RAS, WHEA and more…
  • Alignment with Intel and AMD's entire server products roadmap
  • Compatible with the latest secure server OS from Windows Server to Linux distributions

A World-Class BIOS Solution for Servers

InsydeH2O UEFI firmware is engineered to address the critical expectations of BIOS for servers that operate in environments ranging from small business to enterprise and datacenter. With InsydeH2O, you can expect performance and features to enable world-class reliability, uptime, advanced security, energy savings, thermal efficiency and more. This is why leading server OEMs and ODMs around the world count on InsydeH2O to deliver advanced, mature and reliable UEFI firmware for their server products.

Reliable and Feature-Rich

With support for the latest server technology including the latest UEFI specifications, secure boot, secure firmware updates, WHEA (Windows Hardware Error Architecture), RAS (Reliability, Availability & Serviceability), IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) 2.0, specific silicon features and more, InsydeH2O provides a proven & reliable UEFI solution that is also rich in features. Rest assured that Insyde Software’s UEFI server solutions will always stay on the cutting-edge to meet the unique and critical requirements of our customer’s server products.

Trusted UEFI Expertise

Insyde Software’s advanced server firmware offerings are complemented with highly experienced porting and customization engineers. Our knowledgeable engineering staff features some of the most highly trained UEFI engineers in the industry, allowing our customers to focus on value-added features and product differentiation while we help accelerate their time-to-market. Learn more about our services.

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Our Customers Say...

"...Our strict evaluation process found their firmware to be industry leading especially as far as boot time, Redfish performance, and BMC response time which we are excited to take advantage of.” Mike Yang, SVP of Quanta Computer and President of QCT

“InsydeH2O and Supervyse provided us substantive benefits in the development of our latest rugged server products. Insyde’s platform readiness, support for the latest industry standards and security features, and customizable nature of their firmware are all aspects that we continue to appreciate and deploy.” Nate Young, Director of Engineering at Trenton Systems