Supervyse® Memory/RT™


Supervyse® Memory/RT™ is a solution for data centers and CSPs (Cloud Service Providers) using Artificial Intelligence to predict memory failures on server platforms, then alerting IT administrators to act to reduce system downtime. Memory failure can consist of DIMM errors, faults and failures and is a primary cause of server hardware crashes. Even a single hour of server downtime can be extremely costing for service providers, so the ability to proactively monitor memory health can help mitigate server downtime.

By comparing immense amounts of error detection and correction data from multiple cloud service providers, Intel® Memory Resilience Technology uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a database of predictive patterns for system memory. This database is then leveraged by Supervyse Memory/FP to assign a health score to each memory DIMM and identify future failures in real-time.

Supervyse Memory/RT is available as a complementary solution with the company’s flagship Supervyse BMC firmware. In addition, InsydeH2O UEFI firmware has been optimized to provide memory error logs necessary for the successful scoring and health ranking of DDR3 and DDR4 memory modules.

"Memory Resilience Technology is a core technology that every datacenter and cloud service provider should utilize to reduce total cost of ownership and improve system uptime. Insyde Software’s ability to seamlessly integrate MRT into their InsydeH2O BIOS and Supervyse BMC firmware makes them a valuable ecosystem partner in addressing this critical challenge.”
Jeff Klaus, General Manager, Data Center Management Solutions Group at Intel

“We are eager to collaborate with Intel’s Data Center Management Solutions Group to address one of the most common causes of server downtime. Providing full support and integration of the MRT technology in our BMC and BIOS firmware is a natural extension of our product portfolio and addresses a real concern of our data center customers.”
Bryant Lee, Director of Marketing for Server BIOS and BMC Firmware at Insyde Software