Our services let you focus on making your product better

As a leader and pioneer in UEFI firmware, Insyde Software brings renowned credibility and broad experience in delivering a comprehensive catalog of professional engineering services and training programs to our customers. Day in and day out, our engineering teams provide trusted, reliable and quality services that have a direct impact on the success of our customer’s client computing products, specialized embedded systems and server platforms.

The benefits our customers achieve by taking advantage of Insyde engineering services include:

  • Shorter development times
  • Reduced project risks
  • Focusing internal resources on product differentiation
  • Keeping products current with industry specification support
  • Timely training for the latest firmware technology
  • Think of Insyde Engineering Services as an Extension of Your Own Team

A sample of the types of services we provide:

  • Early feedback on your design before it enters production
  • Custom firmware feature development
  • Turnkey BIOS builds per your specifications
  • Assistance in developing product and firmware specifications
  • On-site assistance for hardware bring-up and debug
  • Assist in solving technical issues and answer technical questions

With the computing industry’s ever-changing landscape, developing new products has its challenges and risks. Operating system options, silicon updates, industry standards, hardware improvements and the like all represent critical decisions in your planning and development cycles. We’re confident our training, firmware development and quality testing services will help you overcome some of these challenges, minimize risks and navigate this changing landscape with greater ease.

We’ll work as an extension of your team, providing product development and project management assistance designed to help get your product to market faster. From on-site assistance for hardware bring-up and debug, hardware design advice, custom BIOS implementations, our services give you the advantages you need to ensure a successful product launch.


Our Customers Say...

“It would have been reasonable to expect some disruption in support due to the logistical challenges of the last year [due to the pandemic], but the service from Insyde Software’s engineering team was seamless. They provided precise and reliable support that we could count on to help maintain our product development schedule.” Chris Sheppard, Software Engineer, Trenton Systems