Engineering Services

Insyde Software offers both end-to-end engineering assistance and discrete services designed to augment your own team's skill set at specific stages of product development. We work on either a fixed price or T&M model, depending on the project and your organization's needs. We provide services for every stage of your product life cycle, for example:

  • Project Planning
    Statement of Work, Firmware Requirements, Software Requirements
  • Design
    Design Review, Component Selection
  • Training
  • Implementation and Integration
    Source Code, Configuration, Hardware Bring-up, Feature Development, Project Management
  • Acceptance and Deployment
    Alpha/Beta Builds, QA Testing, Bug Tracking
  • Maintenance and Field Updates
    Bug Fixing, Source/Binary Code Updates

Insyde Software's engineering services engagements are highly customizable, and we approach each customer with the flexibility it takes to meet specific project needs. In addition to a wide range of engineer-to-engineer development services, we offer flexible licensing options; an early access program for UEFI/EFI source code, development tools, and sample applications; training; and multiple technical support services.

The Insyde Advantage

No matter the scope of your support needs, Insyde Software's skilled engineers become an extension of your own team, committed to the success of your project. With engagements ranging from one day of on-site board bring-up assistance to development and deployment services, Insyde is here to help greatly speed your deployment.

Our Customers Say...

“It would have been reasonable to expect some disruption in support due to the logistical challenges of the last year [due to the pandemic], but the service from Insyde Software’s engineering team was seamless. They provided precise and reliable support that we could count on to help maintain our product development schedule.” Chris Sheppard, Software Engineer, Trenton Systems