UEFI Training

NTC – New Training Center:

Insyde’s New Training Center (NTC) is an innovative concept in training new employees. Whether College Hires or BIOS engineers with only Legacy BIOS experience, after the rigorous 3 month training course, engineers are fully trained in UEFI BIOS concepts and have real practical project experience. The training courses feature lectures by experienced Insyde senior engineers and Architects. The new engineers perform hands-on projects to gain skills at porting to new customer platforms, porting to new chipsets, providing technical support for customers, and general project management skills. In addition, the new engineers are given specific BIOS engineering areas to study and then give presentations to the other new engineers. Along the way, the new engineers are tested and graded so that managers can have a real view into the quality of the new engineer’s skill set. While this course is designed to train new Insyde engineers, new customer engineers can participate on a limited case-by-case basis. Talk to your Insyde sales representative for scheduling and costs. All training is performed at Insyde’s training center.

U-RUN 1:

YOU can RUN InsydeH2O (URUN) is a intensive 5 day training to quickly convert a Legacy BIOS engineer into a UEFI BIOS engineer. Each engineer is expected to bring a functional production platform. During the week, the engineers attend training sessions taught by Insyde senior engineers. During the hands-on portion, the engineers are trained in porting UEFI to new project, performing bring up of new hardware, and providing customizations to platforms. The classes are customized to each customer’s market segments and individual projects. By the end of the week, each engineer has the skill and confidence to work in UEFI BIOS. This course is designed to be given to small groups of fewer than 8 engineers. Training is usually performed at Insyde’s training center.

U-RUN 2:

YOU can RUN InsydeH2O also (URUN 2) is a half day training on specific silicon vendor new silicon. This class is developed by the Insyde silicon porting engineers that have been working on the new projects. These highly technical sessions feature training on the new Insyde code that was designed to function on the new Customer Reference Board from the silicon vendor. These sessions discuss new features, requirements, and possible customizations that can be developed with the new silicon products. Note these classes usually do not feature a hands-on portion due to these courses being designed for training before the silicon is available to customers. Feel free to bring your schematics. This course is designed to be given to a range of group sizes from a few senior architects to dozens of working engineers. Training can be performed at Insyde’s training center or on-site at a customer location.


Insyde has created a variety of custom training sessions over the years. Individualized training in an assortment of technologies of any length can be provided to fit your needs. Talk to your Insyde sales representative today about your needs and let us help train your engineer so They can RUN InsydeH2O (TRUN).

Our Customers Say...

“It would have been reasonable to expect some disruption in support due to the logistical challenges of the last year [due to the pandemic], but the service from Insyde Software’s engineering team was seamless. They provided precise and reliable support that we could count on to help maintain our product development schedule.” Chris Sheppard, Software Engineer, Trenton Systems